Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Checking back in after a little layoff.  So a bunch has happened since I checked in last.  I went back to Haiti to continue my love affair with that country.  Things continue to progress with all that the Mission of Hope is doing down there.  The village of Leveque continues to grow and evolve into a more of a self sustaining town.  The MOH continues to educate villagers on farming and family life so they can be a more productive part of society.

Let see, what else...  ahhh.  I was hired as the new assistant cross country coach at Homestead HS which is currently ranked 12th in the state preseason.  Last week we ventured up to the Indiana Dunes state park for a cross country camp for the top 12 kids plus the top 2 freshman for some team building activities, bonding, letting them get to know more about me and what I can bring to the program as well as some good old cross country running.    A good time was had by all, not counting all the mosquitoes, deer flies and lightning storm that cut the trip short...  We have a great (and fast) group of kids that I'm confident will make it to state this year!

I ran a 5K a couple of weeks ago in 18:10 which wasn't my best effort, but still a hard effort.  Last Saturday I ran a 10K in 37:07 which felt much better as opposed to my 5K the week before.  I think I may race another 5K this Saturday just so I can try and put in a better effort than my last one. 

I'll try and post more often as the season progresses just so I can scratch down my thoughts on how I feel my coaching skills are being used.

One more thing....  it's not what I really want, but I have to think about my best interests in this situation.  I'm going to have to sit Pikes Peak out this year.  It's unfortunate seeing as how I'm probably more fit now that I have been in the past couple of years going into these last weeks leading up to Pikes.  Our second XC meet of the season falls on the 18th and it's something I really don't want to miss.  I've built up trust with these kids and don't want to bail on them right out of the gun. I know the race is on the 19th but there's just no way I want to rush out of here Saturday night for an early Sunday race.  I'll be cheering for all my friends out there grinding it out up the Barr trail wishing I was there suffering with you all. 

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GZ said...

Totally get it, but bummed I won't be racing ya.