Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easy stuff this week with some fartlek and pick-ups thrown in there for good measure.  Going into the Mini with a ton of confidence.  I'm conservatively saying that I'll crack 1:25 but in my mind I have a different number that I'm shooting for.  Weather is looking to be a bit warmer as the day progresses.  The start is at 7:30am so hopefully the warm stuff holds off for a bit.    Feeling very fit right now and my training is cooperating with me. Calves feel great, I have to say that taking Calcium and Magnesium isn't hurting any. Almost 6 weeks down on my P90X trek with 4 weeks to go for completion.  I'm holding steady at 135 which is almost ideal I think.   I think if I'd like to be around 130-132 for Pikes.

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Paul said...

Go get 'em this weekend and have fun.