Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So much for trying to post something everyday or even a couple of times a week...  sheesh!  Running is going great, P90X is going great.....  I ran a 5k last Sunday to gauge where I'm at.  I wasn't really sure what I could run given my lack of speedwork.   I've been getting out on the track once a week for some quarters, maybe some pick-ups during the week, but nothing tempo pace.  I managed to run an 18:37 on the same course I ran a 19:24 last year.

I have the mini coming up in two and half weeks.  Still unsure whether or not I can crack 1:25 again.  I'll start off around 6:20 pace and try to hold it. Inevitably my pace will drift toward the end, but I will fight it. 

Weight is down around 137 and holding...  Been a lot more diligent about my diet since starting P90X and it's paying off.  I haven't had a Coke in 4 weeks and it's killing me!  

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