Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jumped into a local 10k this afternoon.  It's on a familiar course that many races have been run on so I know the distance is legit...  I wanted to get in something faster today so I could count it as a tempo run.  I was very optimistic on a time and thought I could squeak out something in the 38 range.  As I lined up at the start, I saw absolutely no one that I recognized except for maybe one other master who is a bit slower than me.  I couldn't get my Garmin 110 to get a signal before the start so I was running blind from the get go...  I thought I took it out conservatively but after a couple of hundred yards, I found myself leading the pack. I hit the mile mark in 5:43 and about 10-12 seconds in front of 2nd place.  I tucked in behind the lead biker and just motored!  This course is an out and back through one of the local parks and run entirely on a greenway/bikepath.  I never looked back after the 1st mile so when I hit the turnaround, I wasn't really sure who was back there.  When I made the turn I saw no one, in fact when I did finally see someone, I had about a half mile lead.  I almost thought about shutting it down and cruising in, but at this point I wanted to see if I could push it a bit and see what I could do.  I was feeling pretty good and thought I could hold sub 6's to the end.  Inevitably I drifted on the plus side of 6 but still averaged 6:04's, good for a 37:52 and the overall win.  Very happy with the effort and with only a couple of weeks to go until the Mini, feeling very confident about running that sub 1:25!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So much for trying to post something everyday or even a couple of times a week...  sheesh!  Running is going great, P90X is going great.....  I ran a 5k last Sunday to gauge where I'm at.  I wasn't really sure what I could run given my lack of speedwork.   I've been getting out on the track once a week for some quarters, maybe some pick-ups during the week, but nothing tempo pace.  I managed to run an 18:37 on the same course I ran a 19:24 last year.

I have the mini coming up in two and half weeks.  Still unsure whether or not I can crack 1:25 again.  I'll start off around 6:20 pace and try to hold it. Inevitably my pace will drift toward the end, but I will fight it. 

Weight is down around 137 and holding...  Been a lot more diligent about my diet since starting P90X and it's paying off.  I haven't had a Coke in 4 weeks and it's killing me!  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

15 miles in rather cool temps this morning.  I was helping out a friend who is getting ready to run a marathon in another 4 weeks.  I ran a route I haven't run in some time now and was surprised on the amount of hills that we encountered.   Good workout to say the least...  Feeling good!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Banged out 12 x 400 yesterday, first real speedwork in a couple weeks.  Happy that all splits were under 82s!  A little more than 4 weeks until the Mini and I'm still in hope's of dipping under 1:25 again. 

Update on the job front:  Earlier this week I got a second call back for a job with Voss Automotive.  It originally started off with a phone interview, then an in house interview with two people.  The selection has been narrowed down to myself and one other person.  Next is an interview with another three people which probably won't happen until the first week of May as the people I need to talk to are currently overseas.