Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not much to blog about these days...  Running has been hit and miss.  Been sick as a pig the last 3-4 days so have only run once since Sunday.  Using nose spray helps to breathe but running with lungs filled with crud makes it about as hard as running above the treeline at pikes...

I made the commitment to return to Haiti in June this year for the Mission of Hope.  Looking forward to going back!

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Jeff Valliere said...

Ditto here since last Thursday. Twin 1 gets it, gives it to the other, then I get it, the wife gets it, and so it goes. Crazy considering they are not in school or day care and rarely get out of the house for social kiddy stuff at this age/season.

Took a few days completely off, not a hard decision, or even a decision really, just felt too crappy to do anything more than barely function enough to get through the day. Hope you are feeling better.