Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PF is feeling much better these days... almost no pain at all now.  Normally I probably would have taken some time off to get rid of it faster, but I decided to run through this little episode which prolonged the ache a bit longer than normal.  I may have lost a bit of speed, but I should make up for it before too long. Another 5k on July 9th in the downtown area, this one on pavement. There's talk that they may have to shorten it to 4k because of some construction but will try and reroute to get the 5k. 

Looks like in October I'm going to Haiti on a missions trip for my church. We'll be doing a lot of construction to fix or build structures that were damaged in the Earthquake they had. I may even get in some good vertical while I'm there!

PPM in 7 weeks, feels like I'm pretty much ready now except for the altitude, but will be ready for that also here very shortly.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Again, I really need to start updating  more often.  Great span of training last week, topped it off with a 2nd place overall 5k trail race yesterday. Obligatory photo below taken around mile 3... Picture is a bit skewed as you can see... probably caused from the warp speed I was running..........

With all the increase in miles I've been putting in over the last 6-8 weeks (and as GZ would say) my PF has been barking at me just a bit on my right foot and I've been having to ice after every run and wear my night splint here lately. Nothing I can't manage to keep under control for the time being.  The high school football team has been keeping me company now most days as I run the stadium stairs and I had been getting some strange looks, but I think there getting used to me being there now.  I've made a few friends from the local HS XC team so I think I may try to join them on some of there runs when practice starts up if I'm still unemployed.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Long overdue for a post here...  No changes in training mode, still putting in plenty of miles, 90+ average over the last 4 weeks. I may dial it down a notch next week just for a breather so I can let the body and mind recharge.  I may hop in a race on Tuesday evening, it's an hour run on one of the local HS tracks. There's no way I'm in shape to crack 10 miles but a solid 9 no problem...  I'll make the call that day if I decide to do it or not.

Over the last 3 days, I've also put in tons of core work helping out the Pastor of my church getting his house ready for a graduation party he held yesterday.  I personally hauled 4 yards of mulch, 1 wheelbarrow full at a time, planted flowers, dug up weeds, etc...  My hammy's were screamin' and my shoulders and back are on strike.  All in all, I had fun and was happy to help.