Friday, December 23, 2011

So yesterday's run got kicked up a notch... there were a couple of new runners that run on the St. Francis XC team that showed up to get an "easy" run in. The first mile was 6:45 and it got increasingly faster every mile after that.  We finished up the 8 mile run with a 6:11.  Definitely something I wasn't expecting, but pleased that I was able to keep pace right to the end (especially since I have 13 years on the next youngest guy that was with us!) So after the run I got the once over by the young guys ie., hey what's your name, where'd you go to school, what are your PR's, where do you run, etc... I think I might have impressed them that I was able to keep up seeing as how I was roughly 28 years older than them!?  Anyway, I didn't let on that that last mile just about killed me in my current condition. It's all good....  today was definitely an easy recovery day!


GZ said...

Keep taking the draughts off that fountain of youth!

Brad Poppele said...

Nice Run Ward! Your 2012 race Schedule is looking good! I like the race you have planned in August!