Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another run with some guys from the shoe store yesterday... All of which could go sub 17 in a 5k.  There conversation pace is around 6:45-6:50/m, hardly out of my comfort zone but still, my normal easy pace is 7:20ish now, but I managed to hold their pace for the entire 7 miles without too much difficulty, especially after running 12 the day before with 3 miles of hard tempo efforts (6:05/m) in the middle section.

Finally starting to drop a bit of weight I gained during the weeks through thanksgiving.  Goal is to get it down to around 142 by February (currently at 148).  As in years past, my first race of the year will be the 5k Fanny Freezer on February 11th. Also in years past I've never really made an effort to do well here, using it more as a benchmark for the start of the season.  This year I'd like to at least make a good showing there and run a 17 something... So there, now I have my work cut out for me.

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