Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All is going good...  ankle has been feeling a bit achy here lately and will be glad to take it easy over the winter with mostly pavement running.  Once spring rolls around, I'll give the cross country stuff another go around, hopefully with stronger ankles this time.

This Thursday I got the 4 miler Galloping Gobbler and a smackdown with Brandon. From what I gather, neither of us are in "race" shape so the outcome is going to be a mystery.  Either way, it will be nice to see him again since the last time he was in town. 

After the race it's off to my brothers house in West Lafayette for Turkey dinner with the whole family.  The tryptophan should be kicking in right as the packers line up for the lions...  If I make it through that game, I'll definitely be out for the snooze fest game of the dolphins and cowboys........

Article in this evenings paper about the race this Wednesday. 

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Brandon Fuller said...

I registered this morning. Forecast looks good...the weather I mean...your forecast is cloudy with a chance of whooping in it.