Saturday, November 26, 2011

This is insane, but looks like fun..  at least after a few (dozen) beers...  This is a single-pipe alpine coaster in Mieders, Austria. You reach the summit via a cablecar and then sit on a small car with a brake lever and off you go.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Got to get in a 4 mile race this morning before heading off to West Lafayette for Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family.  This was I believe the 5th or 6th annual Galloping Gobbler 4m race which starts on the campus of St. Francis University and does an out and back with a loop through a nearby cemetery.  So everyone knows the smackdown was on between Brandon and I for at least temporary bragging rights.  We ran into each other in the registration area and did some catching up and then out for a short warm-up.  The start was delayed because people show up at the last minute to pick up there packet and expect to just zoom through...  not at a race of 3000+.  So we made are way pretty close to the front and we were off.  I knew the first mile was going to be mostly downhill so I wanted to put in something relatively fast, 6:04.  I really didn't expect anything close to that but I was going to take it, and I was feeling good.  I knew the next few miles through the cemetery were going to be rolling so I tried to ease up on the uphills and attack the downs.  There were a lot of people around and behind me so I didn't know if Brandon was back there ready to pounce at any time so I just kept my head forward and tried to focus.  Going up the last 1/4 to 1/2 mile, I still had no idea if Brandon was tailing me and I didn't want him to pull a Billy Mills on me so I pretty much sprinted the last 200 yards or so...  I turned around and didn't see him so chalk one up for Indiana! He wasn't too far back, maybe 30 or 40 seconds approx...  I don't know what our official times are yet, but by my watch I was 25:03..  Nothing blazing, but I'll take it considering the problems I've had with my ankles this year.  I was great to see him again and can't wait to do it all over, maybe a Colorado "thin air" challenge next time...

Results just posted...
                                                          Post Race, Photo by Brandon Fuller

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All is going good...  ankle has been feeling a bit achy here lately and will be glad to take it easy over the winter with mostly pavement running.  Once spring rolls around, I'll give the cross country stuff another go around, hopefully with stronger ankles this time.

This Thursday I got the 4 miler Galloping Gobbler and a smackdown with Brandon. From what I gather, neither of us are in "race" shape so the outcome is going to be a mystery.  Either way, it will be nice to see him again since the last time he was in town. 

After the race it's off to my brothers house in West Lafayette for Turkey dinner with the whole family.  The tryptophan should be kicking in right as the packers line up for the lions...  If I make it through that game, I'll definitely be out for the snooze fest game of the dolphins and cowboys........

Article in this evenings paper about the race this Wednesday. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tweaked my right ankle last weekend, nothing major but still a downer.  Other than that all is going well.

Day 9 of no-shavember

It got up to 70 degrees yesterday, hardly November weather.  Bring on the cold stuff, I got snot sickles I could be making!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Great tempo run today...  Thought my legs would be trashed from yesterdays 12 x 400 repeats, but from the start, todays run felt awesome.

Came accross this article about pacers. I tend to aggree with the author in that I'd much rather see 2 or more runners battle for the win than one person chasing down a record time. I love Meb's comment, "Nobody's going to remember if you won a time trial," he said. "Records are meant to be broken. Winning a title is forever."