Thursday, August 18, 2011

Final thoughts...

Aside from wrenching my back last Friday, twisting my left ankle on Tuesday and my right ankle this afternoon, I'm feeling pretty good... After Friday's little table lifting, and concurrent immediate pain in my lower back, I felt OK the next day, and actually ran faster than I normally do without any residual pain. Tuesday's ankle twist was done on my good ankle and was done midway on a 7 mile run, after a short rest and some pain starting up again, the rest of the run was again done faster yet again as the previous day.  Today's twist on my right ankle was stupid, I should have been looking where I was walking, instead stepped on the corner of a sidewalk and twisted it slightly.  Again, my run this evening started off with a bit of pain on the right (none on the left), but eventually went away and the balance of this very easy run was done pain free. Like I said to start, I am feeling VERY good and rested.  Over the last couple of weeks, most of my runs have been done at a very easy effort, yet the pace kept getting faster, I think for a change I am timing this taper pretty good. 

I have put some high expectations on myself for this years attempt.  I think in order to perform at a level you expect yourself to, you have to put those targets out there or you'll never take aim.  Regardless of how physically well prepared I am, if I don’t believe I can't get to that next level, chances are I won’t. This is a fact that that I can never afford to lose sight of. My mental preparations for achieving maximum performance in this race should center on developing confidence in my ability to do just that.  This has been the focus from the day I decided I would go back to Pikes.

Starting to pack things up, lets go!


Rick said...

Go get yo-self some this weekend! Masters Podium!

GZ said...

Ward - hope all is well. Look forward to your report. Sorry I missed you post race.