Wednesday, August 31, 2011

am - 10 miles, feeling very good...  all sub 7:00.

Homework is really starting to suck...  I thought I hated it when I was in HS, try doing it when you're 48 and have a house, a wife and three kids to try to fit into your day.  Good news is that after this class I only have two more to go... graduation is in December. If I was working full time, I don't think I could get it all done...

 Half attempting to plan out a race schedule for next year.  I mean there are few races that are staples for me (Indy Mini 1/2, Runners on Parade 5k, Matthew 10k...  several others are there if I choose to fit them in.  I think I almost have to say that I'll be back in Manitou on that third week in August so I can just take that off the table and stop worrying about whether or not to do it or not.  There are still demons on that mountain that I need to face and conquer.  One of these years it will happen, so I just need to keep on keeping on....

 Looking  forward to running this trail marathon here in a little over 4 weeks.  Ordered a new pair of trail  shoes that I saw at the expo in Manitou. They really look like a good trail shoe, especially for wet and muddy conditions, which over the last couple of years I have done a lot of.  Especially in the fall...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great weekend of running...  the ankle pain is almost non-existent, and my 14 mile run yesterday confirmed that. The only thing that hurts now is my ego. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pre-2011 TNF UTMB Interview with Kilian Jornet

Pre-2011 TNF UTMB Interview with Kilian Jornet

When asked about his race plans in the US next year, he mentions Hardrock, WS100 and Pikes Peak.  Hmmm, do you think that would give some good motivation to MC for 2012 to keep his streak alive?
Aside from the normal aches and pains you would get after running a marathon, everything else feels pretty good.  The ankle has little or no pain and walking down the stairs is doable.  Yesterday I ran 2 miles to see how everything felt, aside from the quad pain, I was OK.  Today I ran 5 miles at 7:20ish pace, quads still on the mend but ankle is fine.  Will keep things easy for the rest of the week, duh...  and then try to build up some miles for another marathon on October 2nd. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011


As I sit here in the Colorado Springs airport, I have a little bit of time to reflect on my experience from yesterday. Before I get into my race report, there are two things that really stand out from where I sit, one: there is no substitute for running actual mountains and two: it doesn’t matter what kind of fancy gadget you have to try and acclimate yourself to higher altitudes, again there is no substitute for running at altitude, period.   

Race morning started off great, since Colorado is a two hour difference in time from Indiana, getting up at 4:00 Colorado time is a breeze.  I had a pre race meal of a banana, coffee cake and a banana nut muffin along with plenty of Gatorade and water.  I made my way over to Manitou Springs and found a great parking spot near the park.  I sat in my rental car for a bit taking in more fluids and going over plan A,  B and C.  Around 6:00 I made my way over to the start line to “get rid of some butterflies”. (Thanks for that euphemism GZ).  Speaking of GZ, I ran into him and we exchanged some pleasantries.  Later I ran into JV, Brad and Daryn Parker. I lined up right on the line and hoped I could hang with some of these guys. A couple of arms lengths away was Matt Carpenter, the King of Pikes Peak.

The race started off uneventful, I found myself on the tail of GZ and Sean O’day (who would eventually finish 8th)… I hit Ruxton in 3:01 and feeling very good.  Up through the W’s I was feeling very smooth and relaxed, around mile marker 3, I stepped on a rock and turned my bad ankle (the right one) very hard and searing pain went shooting through it.  The guy behind me said, “oh dude, are you alright... That didn’t look good.” The only thing I could say was, “I’ll be alright”.  I hobbled over to rock and sat down waiting for the searing pain to subside.  After about a minute, the only thing I could think of was quitting and walking back down.  But then other thoughts started filling my head, my kids, my wife, my family.  I had to get up and at least try to finish this thing, even if it meant walking.  I got up and starting walking back up, after about a minute I tried to start jogging, it was slow but it was faster than the alternative.  Around Barr camp, the jogging morphed into running and I was feeling better, the ankle was hurting but tolerable. Past A frame, my breathing was not as labored as it was last year, I didn’t have a splitting headache and I didn’t have the urge to vomit ever other minute.  I said hey to JV coming back down as well as GZ, and just about took out Brad as I didn’t see him, he was right behind GZ.  I hit the summit in 4:22,  about an hour slower than last year.  The downhill was uneventful this year, even with the bum ankle there were no spills before Barr camp.  I did take a minor spill at the 1.44 miles to go sign that just got my shoulder a bit dirty, but I was up and running back down without missing a beat. I will say that the last 5k was probably the most painful 3 miles I have ever run. With the ankle being injured, I was altering my stride, which in turn was throwing off my hips and my back, so along with the ankle, I had all those other things working against me.  I was really happy that this run was almost over. 
It’s still too early to contemplate doing this race again next year, but I still have to think about it.  My time means that I’ll have to register in the 2nd wave, which really sucks, but maybe that’s a good thing.  I’m still hoping that I win the lottery so I can move out here for a couple of months prior to the race…

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Final thoughts...

Aside from wrenching my back last Friday, twisting my left ankle on Tuesday and my right ankle this afternoon, I'm feeling pretty good... After Friday's little table lifting, and concurrent immediate pain in my lower back, I felt OK the next day, and actually ran faster than I normally do without any residual pain. Tuesday's ankle twist was done on my good ankle and was done midway on a 7 mile run, after a short rest and some pain starting up again, the rest of the run was again done faster yet again as the previous day.  Today's twist on my right ankle was stupid, I should have been looking where I was walking, instead stepped on the corner of a sidewalk and twisted it slightly.  Again, my run this evening started off with a bit of pain on the right (none on the left), but eventually went away and the balance of this very easy run was done pain free. Like I said to start, I am feeling VERY good and rested.  Over the last couple of weeks, most of my runs have been done at a very easy effort, yet the pace kept getting faster, I think for a change I am timing this taper pretty good. 

I have put some high expectations on myself for this years attempt.  I think in order to perform at a level you expect yourself to, you have to put those targets out there or you'll never take aim.  Regardless of how physically well prepared I am, if I don’t believe I can't get to that next level, chances are I won’t. This is a fact that that I can never afford to lose sight of. My mental preparations for achieving maximum performance in this race should center on developing confidence in my ability to do just that.  This has been the focus from the day I decided I would go back to Pikes.

Starting to pack things up, lets go!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

PPM thoughts...

So I have a little more than a week until part deux of Pikes...  I feel like I'm in as good of shape now, maybe slightly better, than I was at this time last year.  A couple of things I've done different this year, I've incorporated stair climbing into the routine, to many miles to count.  I've also got 3 runs in over 30 miles and several more over 20... My weight last year at race time was around 141, right now I'm sitting at 135 and feeling very strong. With my current unemployment status, I've been able to put in half a dozen 100 mile weeks, last year I think I had 2 or 3 in the months leading up to Pikes.  The only variable is the altitude. I'm preparing the best that I know how barring moving out to Colorado Springs for a month prior to the race. Looking forward to a nice taper next week...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back from a long vacation...  Spent a lot of time at water parks for the kids, and did some camping at Indiana Beach...  got in plenty of time on the roads, but the overall number was down a touch from most recent weeks. I didn't get the vertical I wanted but sometimes those are the sacrifices you make.  Looking forward to my upcoming taper..  getting close.