Monday, July 18, 2011

Ran another race last Saturday, The Matthew 25 10k.  This is a race I almost always run because I like the course and I'm good friends with the RD and try to support the cause.  The course is about as close to pancake flat as you can get. It's an out and back on the greenway starting at Foster Park.  I saw a few fast high schoolers that I thought would probable go sub 34 and a couple more guys that were in that 34-36 range, then several more that were all around my level.  Easy start, 3 guys took off and were gone by the first mile, 1st mile in 6:04, I think I was in around 10th at the time, I tried to keep it steady and picked off a 30 something guy at mile 2 and the only other master that was in front of me right before the turnaround.  I knew I had a target on my back from that point on and just tried to keep pace.  I finished in 39:06, nothing spectacular (yet), but its still progress...
The trophy's were handmade pieces of metal in the forms of running people, very unique.  This one is a keeper.  It will go nicely on my new desk (whenever I get a job...)

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