Friday, June 10, 2011

Long overdue for a post here...  No changes in training mode, still putting in plenty of miles, 90+ average over the last 4 weeks. I may dial it down a notch next week just for a breather so I can let the body and mind recharge.  I may hop in a race on Tuesday evening, it's an hour run on one of the local HS tracks. There's no way I'm in shape to crack 10 miles but a solid 9 no problem...  I'll make the call that day if I decide to do it or not.

Over the last 3 days, I've also put in tons of core work helping out the Pastor of my church getting his house ready for a graduation party he held yesterday.  I personally hauled 4 yards of mulch, 1 wheelbarrow full at a time, planted flowers, dug up weeds, etc...  My hammy's were screamin' and my shoulders and back are on strike.  All in all, I had fun and was happy to help.

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GZ said...

Hmmm ... my nickel here ... go for 10. Meaning start at just a hair under six. See how far you can go before it falls apart.

My bet is you get 10.