Monday, June 20, 2011

Again, I really need to start updating  more often.  Great span of training last week, topped it off with a 2nd place overall 5k trail race yesterday. Obligatory photo below taken around mile 3... Picture is a bit skewed as you can see... probably caused from the warp speed I was running..........

With all the increase in miles I've been putting in over the last 6-8 weeks (and as GZ would say) my PF has been barking at me just a bit on my right foot and I've been having to ice after every run and wear my night splint here lately. Nothing I can't manage to keep under control for the time being.  The high school football team has been keeping me company now most days as I run the stadium stairs and I had been getting some strange looks, but I think there getting used to me being there now.  I've made a few friends from the local HS XC team so I think I may try to join them on some of there runs when practice starts up if I'm still unemployed.


GZ said...

I see ribs.

Sorry to hear about the PF. I have not resorted to silly socks yet though.

Sleeping in the tent yet?

Ward said...

No tent for another 2 weeks.. looking forward to it!