Friday, April 1, 2011

Feelings tons better these days..  Hit the track yesterday and knocked out some quarter repeats to at least get some turnover.  Nothing to brag about, 6 x 400, 1:23 - 1:27, with :45 RI.  Felt good to open up the stride a bit.  After I was done with these, I did eight laps on the stairs for around 1200' of vertical.  Legs don't feel half bad today...  will start to crank up the volume on my weekend runs to get ready for Sunburst in June.  The plan is to run something under 3:10 so I can get into Boston 2012 and make that 1st day registration.  5 weeks until the Indy Mini and I'm having doubts about getting down to my goal this year.  I guess it all depends on how I bounce back this coming week and next from my down time being sick.

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