Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Warmer temps and a dumping of rain has pretty much taken all the snow away and replaced it with flooding and mud. I've put some pretty good miles on my last pair of shoes, Saucony Kinvara's.

In my opinion this is how such a shoe in the minimalistic category is supposed to be made. It's light, it's flexible, it allows you to run as natural as you can while still protecting your feet. What I really like about this shoe is that it feels pretty stable if you consider the weight. This is for the most part due to wide base in the midfoot (quite wide for a very lightweight trainer). Where most lightweight trainers and racing flats have minimal midsole in the arch area the Kinvara has the opposite. Anywho, I picked up another pair as well as another Saucony called the ProGrid Mirage, which is supposibly the successor of the Kinvara.

 I guess only time will tell on those.

Running is going great!


it's all about pace said...

how do you know when your minimalist shoes are worn out? # of miles?

Ward said...

I'm not one of those people who say shoes should only be worn for 400-500 miles or some arbitrary number the shoe companies come up with so you'll buy new ones every other month. I usually wear them until they start to fall apart somewhere or until they start to feel uncomfortable. On average I usually get up to 1000 miles from a pair of shoes under "normal" running conditions.