Friday, March 4, 2011

Starting to feel much better with my stride these days as I've dropped some of the winter weight and feeling a bit lighter on my feet.  Yesterdays 6.2 mile run was easy at an average of 7:05/m.

My 8 year old brought home a race flyer from school for a local 5k on the 19th who said he wanted to run the 1M fun run.  So I got signed up to run the 5k and him for the 1M run.  I'm glad he's at least taking an interest in what his old man considers fun.

I have a 20k in 3 weeks, if I can equal last years time, I'll be more than happy as I haven't done squat so far this year to be anywhere near fast.  I have 9 weeks until the Indy Mini, which is more of my focus right now.  The goal there is to come close to 1:22-1:23 which will start off my summer training and build up toward PPM.


GZ said...

Yah! Smell the spring!

Ever get all the gravel out of yer skin?

Ward said...

The palms, hips and elbow healed up just fine, the left hand pinkie and ring finger knuckles have nice scars to remind me that I need to train harder!