Saturday, March 19, 2011

All set up for 2 months with this bad boy prior to PPM... and yes, I have the 21k adapter.

Everest Summit II Hypoxic Generator

Newly designed for enhanced portability, usability, comfort and quietness, this generator represents the top of the line in hypoxic technology. The Summit II comes standard with digital controls.

• Unsurpassed 7600 L/hr. airflow for extreme comfort

• 0 - 21,000ft/6,400m

• Built in wheels and handle

• Works with altitude tents, altitude workout systems and IHT / Wellness Systems

• Size: 26.0" H x 14.7" W x 19.1" Deep / 58.4cm H x 39.4cm W x 47.0cm Deep

• Weight: 57lbs / 26kg


Rick said...

Wow! can you get a treadmill in there?

GZ said...

I just duct tape my face instead.

Ward said...

Rick - I'd love to have two of these bad boyz so I could do just that, one to sleep in and one to crank up the incline and do some training at 14k

GZ - yah I hear ya....