Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Again, I've been slacking on the posts recently.  Not a whole lot going on right now in the land of snow and cold. Trying the keep the miles up and the intensity low. Still have not been on the treadmill once this year. I think I can make it through the winter without it for once.  This was about the time last year that I started hitting the mill and working with the incline in prep for PPM.  I've been running the hills in my area almost daily and with all the snow, it makes for a great workout.  This year I will be substituting some runs on the mill at 15% with some stair running at the local high school football field. At least with that, I can get some downhill running as well.

This Saturday is the Fanny Freezer 5k at Shoaf Park.  It'll be some kind of a miricle if I can break 20 this year.  I just feel really slow right now.  I can really feel the extra 7-10 pounds I've gained over the last couple of months.  The weather is suppose to warm up by the middle of next week maybe melting off some of the snow where I can actually see the ground.

5 weeks until PPM registration!

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