Saturday, February 19, 2011

12 miles easy today... Really starting to get the itch to pick it up in training.  Just putting in the miles right now and feeling very slow. Every so often I'll throw in some pick-ups, but that's the extent of my "speed work" right now.  Swung by the HS track on the return trip on my run and ran the stairs for about 10 minutes on the visitors side, feeling pretty good. I have a long run scheduled tomorrow with maybe an AET test run thrown in there at the end.   Weather has been pretty good of late, most of the snow is gone and I've been hitting more grass than pavement during my runs which makes my feet happy. I'm tempted to run out at the HUFF soon, but from experience, it's pretty much a big mud puddle right now.

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Jim P. said...

I'm definitely in one of those "can't wait for summer and dry trails" moods. Even though it's been pretty nice of late, I'm sick of anything close to the cold. I'm losing my resilience!