Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last post of 2011...  New resolution for 2012 is to post something everyday, even if it's meaningless drivel (which it is most of the time anyway).....  Great week since last post, starting to put in more speed-work and retiring the HR monitor for awhile.  Still got in some runs with the studs at the running store this week, plus a tempo and some track work.  "Longish" run on Thursday of 12 miles with miles 4,5 and 6 at sub 6:30 (which felt surprisingly effortless).  The mild weather is helping with keeping the miles up for the week (66), still haven't succumbed to the gerbil wheel yet.
I think I might have ran maybe 1 or two times last year on  it.  I hate it and will do all I can to avoid it.  I did it so much in prepping for Pikes my first year that I think I just got burnt out! So I have 7 weeks until my first "race" of 2012...  Looking forward to starting it of with a bang!