Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There's something about not performing up to your expectations in an event that takes the motivation right out of you after its all over. These last 10 days have been awful as far as getting my mojo back and getting the drive going again for the HUFF. Other than my run last Wednesday, everything else seems like I'm just putting in the motions and not accomplishing anything. I'm seriously thinking about just bailing on the race and taking a break... It's not that I feel I can't handle the distance, far from it, but right now I just feel like there's nothing there. I'm sure it has to do with a couple of factors; days are getting shorter and much colder; and motivation is almost nill. Maybe if I take a couple of weeks off, I'll start to find that twinkle in my eye again and find reason to go out and start getting my turnover going.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

13.5 miles this afternoon in and through the state park, felt incredibly good for this, 7:04/avg. No residual on the hammy issue... Then proceeded to the dentist, 5 shots of novocaine later I have a temporary crown/inlay and the right side of my face/jaw is numb. Good news is that I get to do it all over again in three weeks to put on the permanent.. woo hoo.. (can you feel the excitement...)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Feeling pretty good today, hammy was a bit tight yesterday, but has loosened up nicely. Going to give it a go today and see how it feels.

Really, not to surprised to hear this...

Saturday, November 13, 2010


It all started off great, at about a mile and a half in I stepped on a crack and rolled my right ankle, not bad, but it was enough to tweak something in my right hammy... It started getting progressively worse, by mile 20 it seized on me and was forced to do the walk/limp of shame. Of my 31 marathons, this is only my 2nd DNF. Gonna rest for a few days and see what happens... right now I could sleep for week!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Damn I feel good...

My HRM strap took a dump on me yesterday and for the life of me I can't find one in town anywhere and I refuse to pay $30 to have a new one overnighted here tomorrow. I put a note up on FB to see if any of FB friends in town have one to lend me, if not, looks like I'm investing in a new HRM, probably the 405.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The waiting is really the hardest part... I've decided that I'm going to go for it at Veterans... I'll use my HR (150-155) up until the half then go on gut feel from there. Here lately my pace at my MHR has been around 6:40 - 6:45 (this on "non-rested" legs) I'm hoping that I've timed everything right and all goes as planned on Saturday. I think I'm pretty close to being in the same shape I was before Boston 08' where I was sure I could have run something close to 2:50 had I not gotten strep throat and walking pneumonia and gotten a calf strain 4 weeks out...when it rains it pours... I'm not in 2:50 shape now but if I had another 4-6 weeks then maybe. Still, I'll give it my best shot and if I blow, then I blow.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Good weekend... I moved Saturdays run to Sunday just because I wanted a rest day, no other reason. Sunday was good, 14 miles in 1:35:05 with the first 6 miles at an easy 7:30 pace with an AHR of 141, then 4 miles strong and controlled at 6:45 and the last 4 at ~6:35 at a AHR around 159-161.

I haven't mentioned it until now because really it wasn't worth mentioning, but last week I had a whopper of a cold. I think it's hit it's pinnacle and now on the mend, just hacking up a bunch of stuff right now. When I run, it clears me up pretty good. It's when I stop and let the mucus settle in my sinus's is when it starts to bother me. But definitely feeling tons better today.

As of today, the weather looks favorable for a good day on Saturday just like last year.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Felt absolutely fantastic during yesterdays run, 2m warm-up then 2 x 3m's at goal pace. I was clicking off 6:45-6:50's at a HR 144-147 which is 8-11 beats below marathon HR. Today I will throw in some pick-ups, easy one tomorrow, then a 12-14 miler on Saturday...