Sunday, May 30, 2010

Got around to downloading some pics from my two oldest boys flag football game yesterday. I got to say Dylan handles the ball pretty well. Of course he gets his speed from his old man....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Up early this morning for my run, went 13 miles. 6 miles easy, HR 142-147, 7:28-7:10/m pace, last 7 at HR 152-157, 6:50-6:58/m pace. Never felt pushed or tired at any point during this. Temps were reasonable this morning and I didn't take any water during the run, never felt dehydrated at any point. I'll pretty much copy last weeks schedule this coming week, easy Mon., Tue., with a tempo on wed., and some pick-ups on Thur. A very easy 2-3 on Friday and then go time Saturday... A 6:00am start time will help if decides to be hot that day. The last time I ran Sunburst in 2001 it got near 90 towards the end of the race which made for a miserable finish. The majority of the course is run on a greenway adjacent to the river and for the most part is flat as a pancake, there is a decent hill they throw in around the 23-24 mile marker just to make it interesting.

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's been a great week of running. Aside from my regular easy runs on Mon.,Tue and Thur., Wednesday was a tempo run at goal marathon HR of 155-160, I clicked off upper 6:40's without blinking an eye. Today was pretty much an easy run as well with 6 x 15s strides at 6:00/m pace just to open up the stride and get the blood pumping a bit. I've decided to err on the side of caution and not race a 12k tomorrow, but instead get a nice moderate run of 12-14 miles structured as the 1st 6 easy then 6-8 at goal marathon HR. I may or may not take Sunday off... Total mileage for the week counting tomorrows run will be ~48-50 depending on how far I go. 6550' vertical (less than half of what I did last week) and will probably cut it down to half as much again this coming week. Even though I'm not trying to put a lot of pressure on myself to run a solid time next weekend, there's always my inner psyche telling me try and run what your in shape for instead of trying to run something you have your mind set on....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday - 20 miles

A little late on the post, but wanted to get it out there. Run went great for the first 18 miles then BAM! I should realize that any run done over 80 degrees I need to put out water about every 5 miles. The plan was to do a familiar 12 mile loop, get water, then do an 8 mile loop... I was great up until around 18 miles when it just hit me hard... I made sure I was plenty hydrated to start, did the 12 mile loop and took a full 12oz of H2O,then continued... I started to bake around 17 and by 18 (and 85 degrees) I was really starting to get dehydrated, luckily for me there was a drinking fountain I knew of that was pretty close so I made a bee line for it and drank for about 5 minutes straight... When I stopped hallucinating, I continued on for the remainder of the run. I still managed to run 2:25 under very hot and humid conditions.

Today I feel great with very little residual effects from yesterday...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fairly decent week for me... volume was down, 63, but vertical was up ~16,500. I ran an easy 6 this morning and my legs feel incredible. Another 20+ miler tomorrow then I'll cut the miles down for the next couple of weeks to somewhat taper for Sunburst. I don't want to do a complete taper as I don't want to put an extreme amount of effort into this marathon. I honestly feel I can go 3:10-3:15 without too much trouble...

Next week the temps are forecasted to be upper 80's through the whole week. It may early morning runs for me, then I'll double up in the afternoons on the treadmill for some 11-14% efforts...

There's a 12k race next weekend I may jump into to fire up the legs, I'll play that one by ear.

More tomorrow after my long run.....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

20 miles in 2:25.. felt great, started off very conservative and negative split the run, 1:14, 1:11. Afterward I proceeded to eat the handles off the refrigerator. I don't think I've stopped since I finished. Looking forward to the next three weeks...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

So I didn't get my 100 miles this week.. STFW! I took off running this morning, HR was good and felt pretty smooth, so I ended up running down to the high school and ran an AeT run. 2 mile warm up, then 4 miles at HR 150-155 (which is the low end of my AeT HR) my marathon pace is usually run at 155-160.. So I hit the track and ran the following:

Felt really good throughout and was a bit surprised on my pace average for the 4 miles of the test given the miles I ran this week. Curious to see what I could do on rested legs!?!

I still have a long run to get through for tomorrow. Looking good for decent marathon in 3 weeks!

Friday, May 14, 2010

This week has really kicked my arse... I really wanted to put in a heavy week this week and well... I did. After last Saturdays race, I felt great and just kept the momentum going.

Sunday - 23
Monday - 12.5 (2 runs)
Tuesday - 17 (2 runs)
Wednesday - 13
Thursday - 20 (2 runs)
Friday - 4.. Had to lay back today because I just needed the rest..

The plan is to go 10 tomorrow and another 21-22 on Sunday. (I may just go 10.5 Saturday to give me my first 100 mile week since my early 20's..) Who knows though, I may wake up tomorrow and feel like shit and take the day off completely. 3 weeks until the Sunburst Marathon.. I think I got a real good shot at a decent time there, not sub 3 but at least something around 3:10. Not bad for someone who hasn't done squat for speed work.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Aside from a little side stitch that stuck with me for about 5 miles from miles 3 through almost 8, this mornings race went pretty much as planned. I don't think the stitch slowed me down, it was was just real uncomfortable through that stretch. The plan was to take it out in 6:30 and try to hold it, my fastest mile was 6:20 and slowest was 6:32, how's that for consistent!?! AHR was 159, MHR was 165 that came on a on a small hill that you have to take as you enter the Indianaplois Speedway. It really is amazing running around the track. You really don't get a sense of how enormous it really is until your out there on the speedway. I'm glad we had cooler weather this morning, the track can literally bake you if the temp's are anywhere near 80. (BTW, the temp at start time was 47) There was a pretty good headwind on the way out to the track, but we got the tailwind on the way back which was nice. Never struggled at all to hold pace and finished strong (thank you incline training!). I feel pretty good right now and may get another run in this evening, but may think better of it since it's Mothers day tomorrow and don't want to do anything to upset the balance...
1:24:56 half marathon this morning... Talk about squeaking under your goal!! ..race report later.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good day yesterday... Instead of killing myself by trying to run the entire simulated ascent of PP, I decided to go just a little farther than my last trip. I ended up going to the Bottomless Pit sign. Run went very good, again I didn't blast out from the get go, instead easing into a comfortable effort and holding it, only until the last 20 minutes or so did I pick up the pace only slightly. The numbers are slightly better than last time and make me feel good about how things are going.

pm - 5 miles easy, legs feel great!

The rest of this week, will be easy, low HR stuff just to give me a somewhat fighting chance to run a good mini this year. This is suppose to be a rest week anyway.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great week last week, topped off with a nice 18 miler yesterday. I've got two weeks in a row now with over 10,000' of vertical each week... I need to keep that streak going and then some. I have a half day off on Tuesday of this week and the plan is to simulate the Barr Camp run I did a couple of weeks ago except take it up even farther, maybe all the way... we'll see how things go. This is suppose to be an easy week to give the legs a rest from the previous three so I don't want to overdue it too much as I have the Indy Mini I'll be running next weekend. No real definitive goal this year, except I'll be extremely happy if I can squeak under 1:25. If I don't then Que sera, sera...