Monday, November 8, 2010

Good weekend... I moved Saturdays run to Sunday just because I wanted a rest day, no other reason. Sunday was good, 14 miles in 1:35:05 with the first 6 miles at an easy 7:30 pace with an AHR of 141, then 4 miles strong and controlled at 6:45 and the last 4 at ~6:35 at a AHR around 159-161.

I haven't mentioned it until now because really it wasn't worth mentioning, but last week I had a whopper of a cold. I think it's hit it's pinnacle and now on the mend, just hacking up a bunch of stuff right now. When I run, it clears me up pretty good. It's when I stop and let the mucus settle in my sinus's is when it starts to bother me. But definitely feeling tons better today.

As of today, the weather looks favorable for a good day on Saturday just like last year.

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