Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things started picking up after Monday's slogfest... Total dead legs all day, I'm surprised I made it out that evening to get in an easy 5. I really wanted to get at least something in to make the legs work whether they want to or not. I ended up having a pretty decent run.

Tuesday was 12 miles w/an easy 2m build up @ 3% incline w/3 x 1' hard efforts toward the end to open up the stride. Then 8m @ 11% (just over 4600' gain @ 10:30/m pace) then 1m at 13% @ 10:00 pace (I had some hallucinations during this mile...) then an
easy 1m at 3% for a warm down.

Wednesday was an easy recovery day sort of, total of 10 miles on two runs.

Today I have another twofer planned, should net out to around 14 for the day.

Everything's going great and I plan on keeping it that way. Looking forward to hooking up with Brandon not this but the following weekend. If his schedule allows, I plan on taking him around the HUFF course for a loop or two.

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GZ said...

Hallucinations today mean dreams are realized tomorrow.