Monday, June 21, 2010

Great weekend, 10 miles on saturday with some faster stuff thrown in there to open up the stride. I nice 20 miler yesterday in the midday heat which went pretty well. First time I've ever carried a water bottle with me to run, it was a little uncomfortable to start... which hand to carry it in? So I'm flipping it back and forth to see which feels most comfortable, never did get settled in one hand for very long. Somehow around mile 17 a bee flew in between my hand and the bottle. It felt like a joy buzzer followed by a nice stick with a needle. Other than that little episode, it was a great run.

Enjoyed the day being spoiled by my wife and kids and kicking back and watching a little bit of the world cup and the US open. Later in the day drove out to my dad's and spent some time out there. He always enjoy's seeing his grandkids and wants to compare them as kids to me as a kid. It's nice to hear stories of when I was a kid and the things I used to do when I was there age.

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