Saturday, June 5, 2010


Official results have me at 3:17:44... Not really the time I wanted to run, but given the conditions this morning, I'll take it. Temps were reasonable, humidity was out of this world. It felt like running in rain, except it wasn't raining. I was hitting my targets consistently (except for mile 4 when I had to hit the port-a-john) up until mile 23 then I went south... I was hitting all the water stops alternating water and Gatorade. I just lost the ability to hold my pace, I even walked a couple of times through the last couple of stops, pace slowed dramatically for those last four. I've only done three 20+ mile (single)runs in prep for this so that may have contributed to loss of stamina at the end. No matter, it was a good run and it gets me a better corral position for Boston... back to the incline!!

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Brandon Fuller said...

Yeah looks like some pain in mile 24 and 25 that course looks a bit windy early on. Then a big out and back. Figured it woukd be hot. It's a June marathon! Anyway, hope you had a great time otherwise.

GZ said...

That course looks nuts. And holy crap do those splits tell a story.

FWIW - I think that is less likely at Pikes ... because of the downhill second half.