Saturday, May 29, 2010

Up early this morning for my run, went 13 miles. 6 miles easy, HR 142-147, 7:28-7:10/m pace, last 7 at HR 152-157, 6:50-6:58/m pace. Never felt pushed or tired at any point during this. Temps were reasonable this morning and I didn't take any water during the run, never felt dehydrated at any point. I'll pretty much copy last weeks schedule this coming week, easy Mon., Tue., with a tempo on wed., and some pick-ups on Thur. A very easy 2-3 on Friday and then go time Saturday... A 6:00am start time will help if decides to be hot that day. The last time I ran Sunburst in 2001 it got near 90 towards the end of the race which made for a miserable finish. The majority of the course is run on a greenway adjacent to the river and for the most part is flat as a pancake, there is a decent hill they throw in around the 23-24 mile marker just to make it interesting.

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