Friday, May 14, 2010

This week has really kicked my arse... I really wanted to put in a heavy week this week and well... I did. After last Saturdays race, I felt great and just kept the momentum going.

Sunday - 23
Monday - 12.5 (2 runs)
Tuesday - 17 (2 runs)
Wednesday - 13
Thursday - 20 (2 runs)
Friday - 4.. Had to lay back today because I just needed the rest..

The plan is to go 10 tomorrow and another 21-22 on Sunday. (I may just go 10.5 Saturday to give me my first 100 mile week since my early 20's..) Who knows though, I may wake up tomorrow and feel like shit and take the day off completely. 3 weeks until the Sunburst Marathon.. I think I got a real good shot at a decent time there, not sub 3 but at least something around 3:10. Not bad for someone who hasn't done squat for speed work.

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