Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good day yesterday... Instead of killing myself by trying to run the entire simulated ascent of PP, I decided to go just a little farther than my last trip. I ended up going to the Bottomless Pit sign. Run went very good, again I didn't blast out from the get go, instead easing into a comfortable effort and holding it, only until the last 20 minutes or so did I pick up the pace only slightly. The numbers are slightly better than last time and make me feel good about how things are going.

pm - 5 miles easy, legs feel great!

The rest of this week, will be easy, low HR stuff just to give me a somewhat fighting chance to run a good mini this year. This is suppose to be a rest week anyway.


GZ said...

Nice. Been enjoying watching the emulation runs. You are definitely doing the homework as best you can.

Have you seen Carpenter's pace calculator?

Ward said...

Thanks.. If there''s anything else you think I should be adding to my regime, then let me know.

Yes, I have seen Carpenter's calc., put's me right where I want to be minus the altitude factor, which is forthcoming in July...

Get that ankle healthy, you don't want that thing slowing you down.