Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tough day today...As indicated yesterday, I tried to simulate, as best as this flat lander could, the climb of the first 7.6 miles of Pikes, roughly to Barr Camp. I took it a bit conservatively at the beginning as I didn't know how I would feel after an hour of climbing. I don't have my spreadsheet here at home to plug in the numbers, but I did some calculations and here are the results.

Total Time: 1:25:06
Total Distance: 7.6 miles
Total Gain: 3886
Average pace: 11:11/mile
Average HR: 153
Max HR: 159

I'll post all the data after I plug in the numbers at work. I definitely could have pushed a little harder, but since this was the first time I attempted something like this, I didn't want to completely blow after an hour, so I finished the run feeling pretty good and a lot of gas left in the tank.

pm - 5 miles easy

Data from yesterday's run -

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