Monday, April 19, 2010

I decided a couple months ago to race last weekend. It's a 12k"ish" trail race on the some of the same trails that I've been running here lately. It's called the Shoesucker 7 and for good reason. Ninety percent of the time, the ground is wet mushy slop, as it has been for the two weekends prior. However, last weekend was one of those exceptions. The warm weather, combined with no rain, had the trails in almost pristine condition for fast and good times. Most of the fast road racers don't make it out here just because it's off the beaten path.. they don't know what there missing... anywho... I saw a couple speedsters in the mix and knew my buddy Mike would likely take it out pretty hard as he's an xterra specialist. The race started off great and I found myself on Mike's heels for about a mile and a half. I had to let him go because I knew I'd blow if I tried to stay with him.. about a quarter mile later, I was face down in the dirt and leaves after slamming my toe into a hidden tree stump. I immediatley jumped back up and continued but felt the dull thump of pain in the big left toe. Still in second place by a few seconds, I started to slow just a bit. The pain mas manageable but getting sorer by the mile. By mile 6 I was still in 5th place and hanging on with one more guy passing me in the final 100 yards. I assessed the situation after the race and had nightmares of a broken toe, but I was able to move the toe, bend it, twist it without any real pain. The only pain was coming from the tip of the toe, so maybe just a deep bruise. I was able to get in a warm-down and walk ok the rest of the day. Sunday it was still sore and very manageable, and really had thoughts of getting in a short run but decided against it until today. I got in a short 4 miles this afternoon without any pain at all. The tip is still a bit sensitive but I can't feel it when I run nor does it affect my stride. So hopefully I avoided a major set back. I'll most likely get in another run tonight when I get home from work...

pm - 5 miles easy, no toe pain.

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