Saturday, April 24, 2010

16 miles -

Had a great run this afternoon... HR started out low and stayed there. I pretty much kept the HR under 140 for the first half, I let the HR creep up after the half and pushed it only slightly on the last 3 miles. Felt like I could have went forever at this pace. Never felt tired at any point during the run making me wonder if I should have pushed a little harder to get the HR up to my marathon HR (155-160). In hindsight, I think the pace I was at was just perfect for the day. No sense in over analyzing any decisions I may or may not have made. I had fun and that's all that matters. I had dry sky's for about a mile, but for the balance of the run it was a steady rain. After I stepped into the house it stopped raining, go figure.... Feel pretty good with about 5 weeks until the Sunburst marathon on June 5th.. I'm not putting any pressure on myself for this one as I'm just going to go in with the attitude of a good training run with the intent on trying to lower my qualifying time for Boston 2011. If I don't then so what, I'm still in the show if it doesn't happen. Below are numbers from this afternoon.

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