Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week summary -

3/14 - 10m AM (AeT test), 5m PM easy ~190 vertical
3/15 - 6m AM 1067 vertical, 7m PM easy 252 vertical
3/16 - 5m AM 1250 vertical, core workout + single leg squats, 6m PM easy 203 vertical
3/17 - 5.5m AM 1670 vertical, 5m PM easy 192 vertical
3/18 - 8m AM 2406 vertical
3/19 - 5.5 AM 1101 vertical, 3m PM very easy
3/20 - 10m PM 582, felt terrible to start, better at the finish.

Total - 76m, ~8900 vertical gain

I didn't run as much as much as I wanted to this week, but still got decent miles in. I don't know if the last couple of months are starting to catch up with me, but today I was feeling really sapped. I almost bailed after a mile, but decided to stick with it and eventually that feeling went away. I may or may not bail on tomorrows run... I'll see what the day brings and decide around noon. I got spoiled all week with temps in the 60's, today was a slap in the face and back down into the upper 40's, which is fine, but still, I was enjoying the warmer weather. On Thursday I put in a nice killer (for me) treadmill workout, will elevations routinely over 12% and one 1/2 mile section at 15%. I hate to say it but a lot of time this summer will be spent on the treadmill because I just don't have the hills (mountains!) to train on around here that I feel would do me any good in prepping for Pikes.


GZ said...

I am ready for the smell of summer. Which is another way to say, I am ready for my own stench of sweat after 2 hours of running in the heat.

I am guessing your time of running over the week is about the same, even though the mileage is less (because of the vert)?

Ward said...

There's definitely a give and take with the distance vs. time factor when trying to incorporate some vertical... I'll be able to up the ante once the warmer weather sticks around and I can get out in the mornings before work.