Sunday, March 14, 2010

I left this afternoon for a scheduled 10 miler, but as I passed the high school, I turned right into the parking lot and on to the track and proceeded to run an AeT run instead. Yesterday got too busy and I didn't get a run in, so I was running on somewhat rested legs today. 2 mile warm-up, 5 miles at AHR 153-157, 2 miles warm-down. All in all, very pleased with the results at this time of the year. It's funny how you get elevation gain on a flat track... AHR 155, Avg Pace 6:59 for the 5 miles of the test.

During the 2nd AeT mile I had to stop and tie my shoe (7:05), or else all miles would have been 7:00 or faster. These results without having done any "speed" work since last fall before the Indianapolis marathon in November.


GZ said...

So ... curious if you see this ... i see a lot of distance between a 148 and a 155 ... I can ramp it up pretty decent in there and go from 8 minute pace (145) to 7 minute pace (at about the same HR as you). But it all still feels pretty "easy."

Ward said...

Yes, all these miles felt very easy. I don't think I really get out of my comfort zone until I start hitting ~165 or more, which is probably where I'll be right around Barr Camp!!