Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great run this morning, 12.2 with the BTR group.

Week Totals:
83 miles
7315 vertical gain

I think, wait, I KNOW that all the work on the treadmill at the increased incline that I've been doing is transferring some added benefit on all my runs out on the road. I feel much stronger, not as tired afterward, and what speed I do have is not being lost. At this point I really don't have any desire to start any intervals or tempo runs. I'm having a blast just running to run... One thing I have been doing this year as opposed to years past is core work. I've probably done more core work in the last 6 weeks that I've done in the last 6 years. Along with core work, I've become a religiously dedicated jump roper. Every run is followed by single and double leg jump rope sessions. Hopefully a combination of all these things will keep me off the disabled list this year. The main goal for the season is to stay injury free, then everything else will fall into place.

The beard came off yesterday... will post pics soon.


Brandon Fuller said...

Holy crap! Did you move to Colorado? That's some good vertical for Indiana. Don't tell my Mom you did that much vertical or she will tell me I can move back home now because it is possible to run steep there.

(Don't forget to jack up the back of the treadmill later for the downhill work!)

Ward said...

I wish IN had that much vertical! 90 percent of that gain is treadmill. I have the advantage of living on the outskirts of the city and most of the nicer "hills" in this area are out here. I have a nice one that is almost a mile long.. I used to run that one up and down when I was training for Boston.

GZ said...

Solid week. Well done.

And the beard! Say it ain't so!