Saturday, March 27, 2010

This weeks been pretty rough.. Without going into a lot of detail, I started getting a cold last week and by Monday it was pretty rough. Training went on as planned but just felt like blah all week. Today was a 20k I had planned on running for the simple fact that it is basically in my back yard and I run these roads all the time. Great weather today and the race went off well.. I'm really not putting to much emphasis on any of these races as there all just prep bigger and better things. I felt pretty good throughout and finished just about where I thought I would. I went 1:22:29 for 20k, not good but not bad either. 1 mile warm up and 2 mile warm down for 15.4 on the day. Very tired right now and ready for some serious shut eye...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week summary -

3/14 - 10m AM (AeT test), 5m PM easy ~190 vertical
3/15 - 6m AM 1067 vertical, 7m PM easy 252 vertical
3/16 - 5m AM 1250 vertical, core workout + single leg squats, 6m PM easy 203 vertical
3/17 - 5.5m AM 1670 vertical, 5m PM easy 192 vertical
3/18 - 8m AM 2406 vertical
3/19 - 5.5 AM 1101 vertical, 3m PM very easy
3/20 - 10m PM 582, felt terrible to start, better at the finish.

Total - 76m, ~8900 vertical gain

I didn't run as much as much as I wanted to this week, but still got decent miles in. I don't know if the last couple of months are starting to catch up with me, but today I was feeling really sapped. I almost bailed after a mile, but decided to stick with it and eventually that feeling went away. I may or may not bail on tomorrows run... I'll see what the day brings and decide around noon. I got spoiled all week with temps in the 60's, today was a slap in the face and back down into the upper 40's, which is fine, but still, I was enjoying the warmer weather. On Thursday I put in a nice killer (for me) treadmill workout, will elevations routinely over 12% and one 1/2 mile section at 15%. I hate to say it but a lot of time this summer will be spent on the treadmill because I just don't have the hills (mountains!) to train on around here that I feel would do me any good in prepping for Pikes.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The easy part's over....

Marathon Field 1 - filled in ~ 50 minutes
Marathon Field 2 - filled in ~ 5.5 hours

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I left this afternoon for a scheduled 10 miler, but as I passed the high school, I turned right into the parking lot and on to the track and proceeded to run an AeT run instead. Yesterday got too busy and I didn't get a run in, so I was running on somewhat rested legs today. 2 mile warm-up, 5 miles at AHR 153-157, 2 miles warm-down. All in all, very pleased with the results at this time of the year. It's funny how you get elevation gain on a flat track... AHR 155, Avg Pace 6:59 for the 5 miles of the test.

During the 2nd AeT mile I had to stop and tie my shoe (7:05), or else all miles would have been 7:00 or faster. These results without having done any "speed" work since last fall before the Indianapolis marathon in November.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Long overdue here.. The week has been going great, excellent treadmill workouts during the afternoons and some solid evening runs on flatter surfaces. On pace for another 80+ week. One more heavy week then I'll back it down for a rest then an AeT test. There is a 20k I'm thinking about doing in a couple of weeks only because it's done on the roads I train on, so it's pretty much my home course. All in all I'm having a lot of fun running right now..

Looking forward to next Wednesday at 3:00 mst sitting down in front of the computer and trying to get into Pikes... Looking forward to the Journey in preparing for that.. GZ, if I get in, I plan on talking your ear off in questions....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great run this morning, 12.2 with the BTR group.

Week Totals:
83 miles
7315 vertical gain

I think, wait, I KNOW that all the work on the treadmill at the increased incline that I've been doing is transferring some added benefit on all my runs out on the road. I feel much stronger, not as tired afterward, and what speed I do have is not being lost. At this point I really don't have any desire to start any intervals or tempo runs. I'm having a blast just running to run... One thing I have been doing this year as opposed to years past is core work. I've probably done more core work in the last 6 weeks that I've done in the last 6 years. Along with core work, I've become a religiously dedicated jump roper. Every run is followed by single and double leg jump rope sessions. Hopefully a combination of all these things will keep me off the disabled list this year. The main goal for the season is to stay injury free, then everything else will fall into place.

The beard came off yesterday... will post pics soon.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sometime in the summer 1996 I did my first triathlon in Logansport, IN; in 1999 I did my first IRONMAN triathlon in Panama City Beach, FL. There are several thoughts that go through your head when contemplating such a huge step into the realm such as the magnitude of an Ironman. Am I fit enough, do I have the right equipment, should I get this gadget or that gadget, do I have what it takes to finish? And I’m sure a lot of my decision making process had to do with ego and my own psyche. I heard the horror stories as well as the successful ones and decided I needed to go for it. 5 years and a total of six Ironman Triathlons after the first, I was glad I took that 1st step and entered, and for me, they’re some of the greatest athletic accomplishments in my lifetime, (except for my complete blowup at IMUSA 2000 on the run) SIDE NOTE: After looking over my results again, I was surprised to see that I was only a scant 42 seconds behind a certain Mr. Luchinski after the swim, this after having to stop not once but twice after getting my goggles elbowed off and then kicked off my face… Of course he went on to crush the bike and run unlike moi!!

One of the biggest influences on my decision back then was one of my training partner’s, Scott Beasley, whom at that time had already completed around 5 or 6 Ironman triathlon’s and had qualified and competed at the World Championship’s in Kona for 4 of them, so he already had completed ~10 and was considered a veteran, and mentor to a lot of us. He had the knowledge and experience of what it took, and I was training with him so therefore, I had what it took…right? Obviously in reality it doesn’t work that way. I think in a way, he’s influencing me again in this decision.

So goes the decision in my upcoming attempt at getting into the Pikes Peak Marathon. When we make many decisions, we are sometimes more or less logical about them. And it is arguable that all decisions are, ultimately emotional. When we use logic to make decisions, we seek to exclude emotions, using only rational methods, and perhaps even mathematical tools. Yet some of those same Ironman thoughts start swirling through the brain, am I fit enough, do I have the right environment to train for this, do I have enough time, blah..blah..blah....Yes, it is just another marathon, 26.2 miles, but it’s Colorado, it’s 7815’ of vertical gain, yes it’s like breathing through a straw at the top (at least for those of us low-landers), yes the weather could get pretty nasty, etc.. I could probably think of a few dozen more excuses NOT to do it, but they don’t really matter. I could very easily psyche myself out of doing this, but I won’t. What matters is that it’s a challenge, like any other impediment we face in life. There are many obstacles to overcome, but toil, grit and endurance will help overcome them all.

Scott is in Mexico this week preparing for the Copper Canyon Ultra marathon which is a 48 mile race starting from the bottom of Urique Canyon of the Copper Canyons in Chihuahua, Mexico. He has also informed me that he is about 75% sure he’s going to try and get into Pikes as well...

I’m feeling great this morning, yesterday’s run was fantastic. Pace was effortless and heart rate was low. I think it’s time I schedule an AeT run to see where my marathon pace is currently at. I’ll probably try to get one in here in a couple of weeks. By then all the snow should be melted on the local track. This week there calling for temp’s in the 40’s and maybe a 50 thrown in there.