Saturday, February 20, 2010

Woke up this morning to some of the white stuff coming down. And they weren't the regular size flakes, these were flakes on steroids, big monster flakes. It lasted about 20 minutes and was done for the day.

Today was the annual Fanny Freezer 5k, a race in which normally starts off the racing season for me, however this year I'm not really putting an emphasis on this or any other race under 13.1... If I happen to run a good race then good, if I don't, so what! The bigger focus for me this year is to try and put in a solid year of injury free running. I'll throw in some 5 and 10k's along maybe with a couple of 13.1's. I've already made the commitment and signed up for the 50k H.U.F.F. in December. Oh yeah, and there's this little race in Colorado I'm still banging my head over...

This week has been relatively calm as compared to the last two.. I got 65 after today and will most likely just add another small run tomorrow. Next week will be an easy week, maybe 40, then back up to ~80 for another 3 week build.

I could tell after today's 5k (19:30) that I don't have any thing remotely close to having any speed, but I'm OK with that right now. I really didn't push the pace at all today, I kept the HR around 163-165 (which is 7-12 beats below where I would normally race a 5k).

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