Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last weekend was the annual Pinewood Derby races for Pack 3300 here in town. The Moya's came out with all kinds of hardware.

Adam (my Tiger Cub) took 1st place overall for the Tigers.

Dylan (my Wolf cub) took 2nd Overall for the Wolves.

Along with the regular scout races, they have another race called the "outlaw" races which is open to any non scout i.e., parents, older brothers, sisters etc... After some internet searches and fine tuning to my car, I finished 1st overall as well, and had the fastest time by either a scout or an outlaw. Of course those who knew me and of my triathlon background accused my of having a carbon fiber car and wheels... Naaaaa... just good workmanship!!


GZ said...

Come on. You beveled those wheels.

Brandon Fuller said...

I heard you can buy the cars online now that are all tricked out and ready to go. GZ told me that. Beats the old days when we would spend all day with a pocketknife!

Ward said...

GZ - No way man... The kids cars were right out of the box, the only thing I did was take the axels (nails) to the garage and grind them smooth and take off the crimp marks behind the nail head. Of course I had to buy some weights to bring the car's up to 5.0 to get the most bang for the buck. I did buy some machined axels for my car however, and also used an extended wheel base... flying!

Brandon - It's been so long since I was in scouts, I vaguely remember carving out my first one..

GZ said...

you can take the axels, put them in a drill so they spin up and then take a metal file to them to get those crimps out.

Totally get the car up to 5oz with weights. Actually have used a little bit of golf club weight tape.