Monday, January 4, 2010

I know.. I know... WAYYY overdue for a new post here. What can I say, if it's not broken, don't fix it. Everything is going good, no aches or pains or twinges. I have ~7 weeks to my first "race" of the new year, the Fanny Freezer 5k on 2/20/10. I haven't run as much this winter as I did last, but I still usually run something around 18:30 here. Last year I ran an 18:13 and beat two of my chief AG rivals in the process... I seriously doubt I can run that this year, but will put my best foot forward anywho...

The FWTC banquet is coming up on 1/31/10 and Bill Rodgers is going to be the guest speaker this year. In this humble bloggers opinion, the greatest distance runner of our time. Looking forward to the musings of Boston Billy...

2010 Goals:

After contemplating what I achieved last year in regards to running, and what I hope to achieve this year, I've come up with some modest goals for this upcoming year.

1. Break 17 minutes for 5k.
2. Break 3:00 for the marathon.
3. Break 1:20 for the half marathon.

Not many, but goals I'm sure I can achieve if I put in the effort.

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Brandon Fuller said...

A race with a synonym for butt in the title. How can you go wrong!