Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1/26/09 - rest day

1/27/09 - 10 miles with hill repeats, 8 x 1' at 8% w/1'-2' RI to get HR back down to non-puking mode...

1/28/09 - 11 miles, progression. 4m @ 140-150, 3m @ 150-155, 3m 155-165, WD)1 mile..

Feeling good this morning...

The drive in this morning was absolutely awful.. When I checked the forecast last night, they were only calling for maybe an inch of accumulation. There was at least 2-3 when I left the house and by the time I got out of the gym, there was a good 4 if not 5 and still coming down hard. So much for trying to get outside this weekend...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What can I say.. another great week. I wasn't entirely thrilled with the results of my AeT test on Friday, which I had to run on the road vs. my prior tests which were done on the track, but coach says don't put too much emphasis on it... so I won't.

Today I ran my long run.. I was scheduled to run 22 miles. The weather is terrible, the main roads are pretty much clear, but the side roads, the ones I like to run on, are still ice covered and have absolutely terrible footing. I opted for the treadmill downstairs... again. Like I said before, I was scheduled to run 22 but I didn't do it, instead I ran 23. I watched a couple of movies, The Matrix (the original) and I am Legend, with Will Smith. I was so involved with I am Legend that I lost track of time and ended up at 22-1/2 before I realized where I was at, so I kept going to 23 and stopped there. The run felt absolutely amazing and effortless.. gels every ~30 min w/the appropriate amount of water and Gatorade.

The next 4 week block is probably going to get a bit tougher... AND I CAN"T WAIT!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another good week.. Weather was terrible, I think the average high last week was no more than 7 degrees...

Yesterday I ran 20 and felt great.. a lot better than my bonk last Sunday. I think there might be something to that nutrition/hydration thing.. ;-) Almost all the roads are still snow/ice covered so the run was done on the treadmill.. I had water/gatorade and gels at my beck-n-call.. I felt like I could have went the whole 26.2 but stuck to the plan and stopped at 20. The run went suprisingly quick and not the long drawn out sloggfest that I thought it would be. I watched some NFL pregame stuff and also the Xterra USA champs in Lake Tahoe, in which my good bud Mike Henry was a participant in.

Today is a rest day as well as all this week is a rest/test week for my AeT run on Friday. Looking forward to seeing some improvement!! 13 weeks to go.....

Friday, January 16, 2009

This morning, I woke up to this....

Enough said.......

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ok.. I know I need to start making more entries here.. If summer has it's dog days, then winter has to have an equivalent of sorts. This whole week has been just blah....... cold, snowy, icy, windy... YUCK!

All in all, I'm getting in all my workouts on the schedule. Yesterday was suppose to be a 19 mile run.. I've been running long enough and should know better than to skimp on dinner the night before a long run.. and to properly hydrate both that night and that morning.. needless to say I didn't do either very well, and I paid for it at mile 16-1/2.. I bonked hard and barely made it back to the car before calling it at 17. I'll make sure and not let that happen again! At least I was happy to get outside yesterday with Scott and Manuel.. the prior two days has been off and on snow with some freezing drizzle thrown in for good measure.. The course was, for the most part, all snow and didn't make for very good footing.

This coming weeks schedule incorporates a hard progression run and some hill repeats along with a 20 miler next weekend. 14 weeks to go...

Monday, January 5, 2009

1/1/09 - 6.5m

1/2 - 5.6m

1/3 - 8.18m which included 15 x 1' strides @ 6:30 pace w/2' RI @ 7:30 pace.. running just over LT then just under for recovery, but the recovery was not complete..

1/4 - 17m long run.. Felt absolutely amazing for this.. Good things are happening here! There were seven of us that showed up at the HS, Mike Henry and Scott Eberle were the only ones that ran the full 17 with me. 135-145 for the 1st hour, then 145-155 for the second. The last 3 miles were under 20:00.. Scott decided to try and lay down some smack on the way in and Mike and I couldn't let him go (sorry coach!) Still, the HR never got any higher than 164 on those 3, there was no way I was going to let him drop me. I felt so good and had so much energy left when I finished, something that has been lacking in years past.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ok…it’s Boston Prediction Time… 15+ weeks out.

Back in 1991, I was in pretty good shape. I had just turned 28 in August and was running consistent 50 mile weeks through the summer and sometime during those dogs days I decided to run the Chicago marathon that coming October. I had heard good things about the course (flat/fast), and hadn’t run a marathon in a couple of years and wanted to give it a shot. I’d run a couple of sub 17 minute 5k’s and a sub 36 minute 10k earlier that summer as well as a couple of 20 milers so I was cocky enough to think I could run somewhere around 2:40... Soooo…. without any “real” or structured build up, preparation or taper, I ended up running a 2:53:21. I went through the half in sub 1:20, bonked hard at mile 23 and literally almost walked the entire last half mile. I’m certain with some better pacing skills (and a more realistic goal) I could have run something around 2:45 at that time.

Well here it is 17 years later, and I’m 17 years older, and 17 years wiser. I have NO DOUBT that I can still, with proper preparation, run just as fast now as I did back then. As for my upcoming Boston attempt, barring any injuries or major set-backs, I’m going to call it conservatively optimistic and say…..

… it comes…..

…..wait for it….

…that I’d like to run a PR… There you go, and without actually giving a specific time.… anything under 2:53 and I’ll be on top of the world… although I’d be just as happy with a sub 3:00, especially at Boston. Maybe after a few more months and a few more AeT test efforts, there may be a better indication if this goal is a realistic one or not come next Patriot’s Day.

With my extended break from work for the holidays.. I decided to let the facial hair do what it wants... at least until I go back to work. Not exactly caveman worthy, but if I had another 2 weeks then I'd give Tim a run for his money! Here are a couple of pics I took right before my 10 mile progression run on Wednesday.. Air temp 28, real feel temp of 11 deg F.