Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I figure it's about time for an update. Running is going fantastic... All efforts are easy at best, keeping HR on the low side(125 - 145), way below MAF. There were a couple of time over the last week were I threw in some strides just to let the legs feel fast, if only for 10-20 seconds. Even though the weather is getting much colder, I've still only been on the t'mill one time so far. The plan through the winter is to gradually build my base from 50 miles per week to 75-80 by the middle of February then begin marathon specific training for a late May or Early June race. I'll need to sit down here soon and jot down some running goals for the upcoming year to keep the fire going. This year I wasn't very successful in any of my goals coming to fruition. The one highlight of the year would be my overall win running a 17:36 5k on a slightly long course. As always, I'll most likely run the Fanny Freezer 5k in February as the first race of the new year. Tenatively, the rest of the year will be as follows:

Nutra Run 20k - Mid March
Indy Mini Half Marathon - May 8th

Marathon In here somewhere...

Firecracker 4m - July 3rd
Runners On Parade 5k - July 10th
Harlan Days 10k - August 7th
Parlor City Trot 10m - September 4th
Fort-4-Fitness Half Marathon - September 25th

I'd also like to jump in a race or two that I've never done to mix it up a bit.


Paul said...

Any thoughts of jumping into the HUFF? I'm doing at least the one loop fun run but really leaning toward the full 3 loops. It won't be fast but it can always be fun. If I don't see you there I'll see you at the Fanny Freezer in Feb.

Ward said...

Me and the HUFF don't get along to well, especially when the weather is terrible (which it usualy is at the HUFF). I usually end up turning an ankle or crashing somewhere. I love to run out there during the summer, with plenty of bug spray, but wet, cold, snowy conditions out there and I throw in the towel. I'm such a wimp!! I need to try and talk Lucho into coming out here to run that race since he's starting to get into the Ultra stuff...(you listening Tim?) It's definitely not hard as compared to the stuff he runs on right now so it's probably just be a walk in the park for him. I don't think I could go 50k right now even just for fun. If I make it out, it would just be the one looper.