Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In light of all thats happened in regards to my running over the last couple of months, all is going well in my little corner of the world. Resumed training is going great, no aches or pains or twinges... I'm going to start looking for a marathon sometime late spring or early summer to focus on. I have three that I have my eye on right now, Flying Pig in Cincinati on 5/2/10, Cleveland on 5/16/10 or Sunburst in South Bend in early June, probably 6/6/10 but the date hasn't been announced yet. Any one of these races gives me plenty of time to prepare for an assualt on that elusive PR I've been trying to get at. One of these times everything will go off as planned and I'll get it, but until that day I'll just keep plugging away. My 3:29 two weeks ago gets me into Boston, but I'd like to move up in the corrals to get seeded closer to the front. My 3:08 that qualified me for the 2009 race had me in the 5th corral while the two guys I trained with, who ran 2:54 and 2:55 to quailfy, got them in the 1st corral.

It truly was a sad day today as I had to cancel my Hotel reservations I made in anticipation of going back to Boston to run again.

Congrats to Tim for winning the Dizzy Fifties 50m race in Huntsville last weekend. The guy's a beast and I don't see anything stopping him from bringing his strong work ethic into Leadville and putting the hurt on everyone there.

Friday, November 20, 2009

About 10 yards from the finish line...

Right after crossing the finish line.. I'm whooped!

Another post race finish line photo op.. That's the best fake smile I could do...

Enjoying a little post race apple...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Going into the marathon yesterday, I had much more anxiety than I had the week before. Monumental was suppose to be my ticket back to Boston, and I went into that race with some pretty good confidence. That all went away around mile 21 and by mile 24 I was toast.

Back to yesterday...

This was a first year marathon and I know the race director pretty well, he spared no expense to make this a top notch race. The start line of the marathon is almost exactly 15 miles from my front door. This was a chip timed, certified course and was a Boston qualifying marathon. Race entries topped 400 and was twice as much as what he thought he would get.

The course is one that I wasn't familiar with as I've never run in this area. The course profile showed some rolling hills, but those profiles can sometimes be deceiving (as this one was). The race started off without a hitch, miles for the first 13 were between 7:45 and 7:55 with a :45 pee stop in there around mile 9. I went through the half in 1:43. That doesn't give me much time to slack this second half, I thought. All was good up until mile 21 when those rollers turned into some rather large hills, but at least I wasn't dying this time. The legs held up through the hills and by mile 25 I knew I was going to make it as long as I didn't stop (which I kept reminding myself). I dry heaved a couple of times around mile 25.5 but nothing came up. Making that last turn toward the finish I looked at the watch and knew I had it. My second half split was 1:46 so all in all it was a pretty even paced race. Official finish time of 3:29:40 with 80 seconds to spare. After I got home, I immediately got on the Boston website to register only to find out that the race filled up and closed the day before! At least this qualifies me for the 2011 Boston and gives me that much more time to prepare. I am thinking about running something in the spring to get a time that I know I'm more capable of running. Right now I'm just going to start working on base again... a little R & R will do me good...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It was a struggle, but I made it. 3:29:40... Went to the Boston site to sign up and found out if filled and closed out yesterday!! UGH! Race report later today or tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11/2/09 - 0 miles

11/3/09 - 6 miles easy w/5 x 10s pick-ups for the first time in a Loooong time.. didn't over extend on these, they were controlled and relaxed.

11/4/09 - 5 miles easy, feeling very good.

Monday, November 2, 2009

10/31/09 - 16 miles, felt very good. Slowest mile was 7:35, AHR 151. An additional 2-3 miles of walking with the kids as they trick-or-treated...

11/1/09 - 4 mile run, active recovery... everything is good.