Saturday, September 12, 2009

I managed to turn block the clock one more time this morning.. I raced a local 5k that one of my running buds race directed. I signed up for this race almost 5 months ago when he told me about it. Last Thursday he had to change the course from a single loop course to a three loop course because it was found out that the neighborhood that we were originally going to go through had it's annual association garage sales going on this morning, so in the interest of safety, he made the course a 3 x 1 loopper to stay away from the crazies... When I showed up to pick up my packet, I didn't really see any of the normal speedsters, except one guy who beat me by a few seconds back during my ROP 5k in July... I was thinking he was the one to keep an eye on. The race started off great, I bolted from the start and wanted to put in something around 5:30 for the first mile. After a half a mile I was leading by about 5 seconds, 1st mile in 5:26, still leading by ~10 seconds. 2nd mile in 5:37 still up by the same time. With about a half mile to go, I could see 2nd place was falling off so I just tried to maintain, 3rd mile in 5:46... finish in 17:36. My GPS had the course at 3.14 (that's an extra 10-12 seconds..) so I couldn't be more happier!! Plus I got the win! Something that hasn't happened since I ran a 16:26 back in the summer of 2003. Who says age has anything to do with anything....YAH!