Tuesday, September 1, 2009

am)7 miles, 1m warm-up then 5 miles @ ~10k effort, 30:20 (6:04/m avg), these felt strong, controlled and just on the edge of wanting to slow down but didn't. 1m warm-down... I felt this was pretty decent workout considering I went 20 miles just 48 hours ago.

I'm still unsure about what I'll be able to run at this weekends 10 mile race. Part of me (the ego) wants to crack an hour. The other part (reality) says that something around 61 minutes is a solid time and a better goal to shoot for. My brain is telling me that if I can average 6:04 for 5 miles at a comfortably hard effort on less than fresh legs, then maybe I can average 5:59/m for 10 miles on rested legs? Just do it you bone head!

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GZ said...

Start with the 6:04s. Then kill the second half. If you have a sub hour in you - it will come there. If you are 30:20 at 5 miles - you can run sixes from there and then pop the last in 5:38. :)