Friday, September 18, 2009

9/16/09 - am)7 miles easy

9/17/09 - am)7 miles as; 2m easy then 5m @ HR 155-160 or AeT...average pace was around 6:33 and AHR 157. I wanted to get up early before work and run something around 12 but sleep sounded real good at that time.

Motivation is really high right now. I think sporadically racing like I've been doing has been keeping the training fresh and moving along from week to week. My long weekend runs have been for the most part solo this time around which I believe have been more productive. When you run with a group, you tend to get sucked into their pace, or it ends up being a testosterone festival and by the end of the run you're totally spent or on the verge of a bonk. Running by myself, I'm able to control the pace I want to run and to dictate when I want to speed up or slow down. My last two 20 mile runs have been the best runs I've had in years, and some of the fastest, even though I started off with a very conservative pace. I finished these runs both fast and strong and with energy to spare, something I'll need to do come race time in 7 weeks.

It's unfortunate that I got sick before Boston and wasn't able to run to my potential that day. I'm doing all the same things I did then, that I did in my build for that marathon so I have the same expectations for Monumental that I had for Boston. I'm still very much guided by all the training practices and principles that Tim has instilled in me since I first started reading his blog over two years ago and then contacted him about coaching me a little over a year ago. He has been a great resource of information as well as an inspiration. I'll have no problem contacting him again for coaching services sometime after the first of the year for my attempt at Boston again. The closer I get to race time, the more and more confidence I have and the more I think I should try and run something closer to my PR (2:53). On the one hand, I think I should just run something around 3:00 - 3:07 to get safely into the show, but on the other hand based on my recent 10m race time, I should be able to run something around 2:51. I might have a better idea what I'm capable after the half marathon I'm racing in a little over a week. If I go sub 1:20 then a 2:51 is a definite possibility... enough blabbering....

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