Monday, August 24, 2009

20 miles in 2:22

am) 20 miles in 2:22:38, avg pace 7:07, AHR 145 (10-15 beats BELOW marathon HR), One of the most satisfying 20 mile runs I've had in recent years... Absolutely perfect weather, cool temps and a light NW wind. For the most part, I kept my HR under 145for the first 10 miles and I was pretty succesful. The few times it would elevate were on some of the small uphills, and even then I held back and tried not to let it get over 145... Miles 10-15 I took the HR to 145-150 still trying to keep the HR from elevating past my set limit... I was feeling incredible during this time. Miles 15 through to the finish I took the HR to my goal marathon HR of 155-160. Average pace for the last 5 miles was 6:45 and AHR 154.

This give me high hopes of potentially running a good marathon... I have mixed feeling on how I should approach this race. Should I go into it with the intention of just qualifying (3:30)or should I go for a PR (2:53)? I think I should just play it safe and run something in between, maybe 2:58 - 3:05.. If I would have kept going on this 20 miler, barring a meltdown, I would have run something around 3:07...

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