Thursday, July 9, 2009

am) 7 miles easy. I felt incredibly good for this run, usually when I feel like this; I turn it up a notch and let the “Pre” in me take over. It was very hard to hold back and keep the ego in check today.

The word is that there will be around 1200-1500 runners for Saturdays race. Good I say… lots of rabbits to push and/or pull you. Over the last couple of years, I have noticed (it this area anyway) a larger influx of runners at the local races. Races that usually get 200-300 are now getting 400-500. Last years inaugural Fort-4-Fitness ½ marathon sold out at 3000 people, they’ve made the cap 5000 this year and I hear it already has around 4000 pre-registered with about 10 weeks to go. (This by the way will be the next big goal after this weekend.) The Warbird 10k in its 3rd year this year sold out at 1000 people (the RD capped it at 1000 because of the limited parking available, if parking was unlimited then the numbers would have been much higher), whereas the inaugural year saw ~400.

Masters runner’s prediction for this weekend:

Dave Bussard – 49yo from Elkhart, IN. Almost a shoe in to win the overall masters. Last year went 16:44 but is running much faster right now.

16:10 – Brian Diemer Amerikam 5k, Grand Rapids, MI 6/13/09
33:40 – Sunburst 10k, South Bend, IN 6/6/09

Ron Sharp – 44yo, Fort Wayne, IN... Hasn’t raced much this year but looked great last weekend at the firecracker winning the masters overall.

21:57 – Firecracker 4m, Fort Wayne, IN 7/4/09

Chuck Schlemmer – 48? from Ligonier, IN. If he show’s up, he’ll run something in the upper 16’s to low 17’s.

Brian Shepard – 46? from Ligonier, IN. If he show’s up, he’ll run something in the low 16’s and should give Bussard a run for his money.

Manuel Martinez – 46 from Fort Wayne, IN. Started a bit slow this year, but ran a solid 17:26 5k last weekend.


Paul said...

Good luck tomorrow Ward. The weather looks to be shaping up just right for a nice fast race. A few of us are "racing" a 1/2 out at the ski lake on N River RD by 469.

Ward said...

Paul - thx.. I take it your not doing Muncie then? Ski Lake.. is that the one you can see on the west side of I469 driving north? How are you going to get a 1.2m swim on that? It is pretty long now that I think about it. Who all do you have coming out to do this 1/2?