Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7/12/09 - 8 miles easy

7/13/09 - no running, first day off since 6/29/09.

7/14/09 - am)7 miles easy.. This was on of the best runs I've had in the last couple of years... seriously! This was going to be an easy day, just keep HR under 150, 1st mile in 7:32 with HR under 140! Miles 2-7 were an average of 7:05 and my HR never went over 146.. It honestly felt like I was just floating along, pace was effortless, legs felt great!

So now that my 2nd "goal" race has been accomplished, what's next? The Fort-4-Fitness half marathon on 9/26/09, in a little less than 11 weeks. Based on my fitness now, and what I plan to be around that time, I think 1:21 is a good goal I can shoot for. The half marathon is 6 weeks before my marathon so it will give me a good indictation of what I'll be able to run.

I have several smaller races I plan to jump in between now and then just to keep the legs moving fast and remind me of what pain is. Most of my best marathon times have come in the fall where I raced quite often through the summer.

pm) 5 miles, 1m warm-up then 8 x 400, 1:20 - 1:24, w/1:45-1:55 RI between each... feeling good.

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